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Monthly retainer

A design retainer with Start Digital

How could a design retainer help your business? It would be like having your own in-house design team — think of the power!

You could redesign labels or packaging in hours rather than weeks. Produce exhibition materials like banners or sales brochures in a few days. And if anything genuinely last minute came up, you’d know exactly who to turn to without having to go through a lengthy briefing process.

But while many businesses could benefit from this kind of design input, not everyone can either afford to have staff in-house dedicated to this role, or has the time or experience necessary to manage a team of freelancers or part-timers to fulfil it.

And this is why Start Digital now offers design retainers.

Predictable budget, priority service

A design retainer allows you to boost your marketing, while keeping your budget outlay both predictable and manageable.

It means you have a team you can rely on, ready to give your needs priority and capable of responding quickly to your requests.

The benefits of a retainer with Start Digital include:

  • Guaranteed amount of work, with priority given to you over non-retainer clients.
  • A discounted hourly rate compared to our standard agency fees.
  • Simplified invoicing: you pay a set amount each month. If you use more hours than you are contracted for we bill you for these separately, making sure in advance you are aware of the over spend.
  • Speed: because we have an ongoing relationship, you don’t need to keep briefing us. As we work with you, we get to know your business better and better – saving you time and helping to assure that you get first rate work.

If you are interested in working with us on this basis, fill in the form and hit send. — or just give me, Thomas Quinn, a call on 0141 404 7343.

We’re sure that we can provide a service to fit most budgets.

And together we can Start something special.