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A business website on a small budget

WordPress website: Data Shoogle

Here’s a classic example of a new company needing to reflect its big personality with a business website on a small budget. Data Shoogle is the brainchild of Liz Watson – a fellow graduate of the Entrepreneurial Spark programme in Glasgow. Liz’s company helps SMEs get the best out of online accounting and business tools. She’s an expert in the likes of Xero and Sage – actually she is a Xero Hero – and can provide training as well as a consultancy service.

When Liz came to us, she issued us the kind of challenge we hear a lot from start-up companies: She needed a quality, great looking business website on a small budget. The design needed to be clean and attractive. Functionality it had to be simple, fully mobile responsive (that’s always a given these days). And it had to avoid one of the great small business website pitfalls: it couldn’t be boring!

When we discussed her business with her, she likened her role with clients as being similar to unravelling a tangled ball of elastic bands. Hmmm, we thought. That’s an interesting idea… ┬áso we ran with it visually, creating business cards and branding as well as a cracking little website that gave her what she needed.

Are you looking to create a great┬ábusiness website on a small budget? Here’s are five things to consider:

  1. What is your website’s primary purpose – client information, contact, bookings? Be clear on your purpose.
  2. Branding: you need to think about how your company presents itself: logo, colours, ethos
  3. Use video if you can: video is a great way of attracting web users, boosting traffic – and its great for SEO.
  4. WordPress is a great platform, but would a monthly payment suit you better? Squarespace is a great template system, and Shopify might also be an option. Figure out what you can afford.
  5. Be bold! Its a busy world out there and the last thing you want is a boring website that people aren’t going to care about!
business website on a small budget
business website on a small budget
business website on a small budget

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