Do you feel the NEED for SPEED? Why we should all want a FASTER WEBSITE

19th September 2018

Why your website should be really fast

Thomas Quinn here – and today I’m channeling my inner Tom Cruise.

But I’m not about to go to Mach 3 in a jet fighter.

The thing is – we all have better SMARTPHONES now. And better WIFI. And more DATA.

So we expect every single website we look at to be PRETTY DAMNED QUICK.

But how do you get your page loading times DOWN?

I want a faster website

Well in part it is how your site is built and optimised. Which is why @START I’m now offering SUPER FAST WEBSITES – quicker than anything I’ve done before.

I’m talking sites built on LEAN, MEAN lines – quicker than Tom Cruise in a dogfight. (Which is poetic license by the way – I’ve never timed Tom Cruise in a plane, he’s hard to catch….)

So why the emphasis on how quick a site is? The reason is this: If you are serious about digital marketing – serious about e-commerce – you already know just how important the SPEED of a website is.

And the fact is, the more competitive your market, the less time your customers are going to wait around for your website to load. It’s simply a FACT. They’ll be off before you can say “Goose’s Dead!”

If you want to know more, drop me a line at the usual places or just give me a call.