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Brand audit

How effective is your brand or logo?

Need a new logo? Whether you run a small business or a big one, your brand is key to your success.

That’s why Start Digital is now offering a Brand Audit – an in-depth report into how your branding works – for you customers, staff, and the wider marketplace. This isn’t a beauty contest: its not about whether we think your logo is pretty or not. This is about effectiveness. (Read more about logos in this blog).

How effective is your brand?

Our resident brand and identity experts will analyse your current branding – comparing your logo, colours and messaging with those of your competitors and the market in general.

We’ll ask you about your business, goals and customers. We’ll spend time getting to understand your product or service. And we’ll take a really careful look at how your brand sits compared to your competitors, customer expectations and staff.

We’ll then prepare a report listing our findings, as well as a set of recommendations. We might suggest you do nothing – simply stick with what you have. Or we might suggest a tweak, refresh or a complete re-invention. What you do then, is totally up to you.

The audit is available for just £250+VAT.

And if you go on to create a new brand with us, we’ll offset that amount against the final project fee.