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New brochure website for Little’s

Start Digital’s ongoing relationship with Little’s, the Glasgow based global chauffeur drive company, developed further with the launch of their new corporate website.

Little’s already had a strong brand identity and clear brand guidelines when we started working with them. Initially, Start was asked to provide graphic design support: mainly creating marketing materials and sales packs.

View the new Little’s website here

Then, early in 2017, we created our first website for them: their full price list hosted on a private url. This is distributed to clients via a link, and can of course be updated in real time. Previously the company distributed a price list by PDF – but the website makes for a far cleaner, more flexible system and sustainable system.

From our discussions about this website, it became clear that Little’s wanted to update their main site. This was a relatively big project for the company and one they were keen to get right.

We worked closely with Heather Matthews, partner and managing director, and Harjeet Kaur, the business development manager. Little’s is a luxury brand, so the website had to reflect that. It also needed to be direct and businesslike – again a reflection of the brand. And an effective portal for their clientele to reach out to them.

Design first

Web development was carried out over two stages. First came design. Our team worked closely with Harjeet to define how the Little’s site should look. We created a sort of moodboard : a collection of other websies in their commercial sector — and many outside of it.
We always knew that Little’s website is a point of contact with clients not just in the UK but round the world. As such it needs to have clear messaging: and a simple way of making contact.

Along with that, it needed to tell the Little’s story.  A family firm with a long heritage, Little’s today has global reach and caters for modern businesses and situations.

For the journey

What became clear in our discussions was how ambitious Little’s wanted to be: the site wasn’t going to be a simple update. They wanted to make a statement. So we looked at websites from luxury hotel groups, design agencies… creative sites that really attempted to be different. then we refined our ideas in order to fit the Littles brand.

The result we feel is an excellent new corporate website: it opens with some dynamic video, setting the scene for ‘the journey’. And it is clearly navigable. The chatbox feature is inexpensive and works well to keep Little’s in touch with their clients. The company is delighted with the result (as are we). and we’re looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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