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Love Tum

A simple WordPress website doesn’t need to be boring and this project proves it. But first a question: Ever get a bloated tummy?

Perhaps you have never ever had anything other than a bloated tummy! If so, you need to read Caroline Tyler’s new website – Love Tum. Caroline is a nutritionist on a mission: she wants us to eat better, feel great – and put bloat behind us. And part of her solution is a great looking, yet quite simple WordPress website that works as a great template for other businesses.


Clear vision

We had a great time working with Caroline. She came to us with a very clear idea of the imagery and feel the website needed to have. Our job was to interpret this and to bring it into reality.

She also had a very clear strategy as as to how to get her message across. Love Tum is integrated with a specialist online courses fulfilment website: it effectively acts as her sales pitch for an online course designed to help you improve your health. Because she had her strategy decided, we were able to proceed with designing the site quickly. This saved Caroline time – and allowed us to give her good value. If you need a website along similar lines to Love Tum contact us now.

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