Graphic design

Little’s graphic design

If you need graphic design support at your company, you might want to take a look at what Start Digital was able to provide for Little’s, the global chauffeur drive company.

Little’s is a Glasgow-based family-run business who already had a strong brand identity when they approached Start Digital¬†for graphic design work.¬†What they needed was a way of applying that brand identity on an ongoing basis.

We worked with their marketing team to come up with a way they could create digital and print brochures or sales material quickly and easily. To do this to a professional standard, it was clear they did need graphic design support. The result of this collaboration was a flexible range of PowerPoint templates, that can be edited by Little’s staff for presentations or sales quotes.

From there we created a series of interactive PDFs for their pricelists. These were sent to clients annually, and while the interactive PDF offered some great UX features, when it came to repeating the exercise for 2017 we suggested they consider the bigger investment of creating a website specifically for the pricelists. Little’s took on the idea, and they now can update their prices in real time using a WordPress based website.

In recent weeks we have been working to create an all new brochure site for the company – so watch this space for future developments!

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