MND Scotland

Graphic design

MND Scotland

We enjoy an ongoing relationship with MND Scotland that includes design of their quarterly magazine, annual impact report, aspects of their social media content – including some simple graphic led videos – and various other items including event posters, invitations and business cards.

Start Digital has produced three of the charity’s impact reports to date: for 2016, 2017 and 2018. These bright, easy to read publications are prepared for both print and digital layouts and include information on all aspects of the charity’s activities. Producing them entails working closely with MND Scotland’s communications department – with frequent to’s and fro’s over content and wording.

Social media graphics

One area we have become involved with MND is bringing our design skills to their social media output. this has often involved working to a brief to provide elements for a campaign that they will manage. Examples have included the #MakingADifference campaign and the creation of some original graphics for their popular Instagram feed.

Quarterly Magazine : Aware

Aware is MND’s quarterly newsletter in a magazine format. We restyled the magazine at the beginning of 2017, bringing to it a bright, bold design that is easy to read. MND Scotland’s communications department produce the content, and we work closely with them to produce each magazine.


MND Scotland has a busy annual schedule of events each year – that demands regular input from the Start design team. This work can include a simple flyer, poster – or something more complicated, like a numbered ticket, or symposium leaflet.

Special publications

One of the reasons we got involved with MND Scotland was because they had a need to revitalise a lot of their internal publications. This work has included information booklets, guides, gift aid forms – and more. The idea is simple: use consistent branding and design across all MND Scotland’s output to create a coherent and consistent look. This communicates to those people who interact with MND Scotland that they are professional, committed and clear thinking.

Help with your charity?

If you are involved with a charity that has similar needs to MND Scotland – why not get in touch with me today to see how Start Digital might help you.

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