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Independent financial advisers websites need to be clear, approachable and to the point. After all, there’s nothing more complicated than money. When it comes to the green stuff, you need a clear head and a singular vision.

This was what we had in mind when it came to creating a new website for Arthur Beverly. Based in Milngavie, Glasgow, Arthur has over thirty year’s experience when it comes to pensions and investments. His company, ABFM, recently became a family affair – with his son Andrew Beverly joining him in the business. They are now looking to grow the company and evolve.

Arthur has a particular interest in ethical investing – an area he believes resonates with many of his clients. (It’s your money, invest in what you believe in…). And this partly inspired the look and the feel of the website. ABFM’s existing branding didn’t need a lot of work – just a little in the way of a tidy up. The royal blue and cream colours worked well together. What was required was a professional, clean look that reflected the company itself.

Independent financial advisers websites

Our designer, Laura, worked on creating an elegant, simple layout that worked across both desktop computers and mobile devices. The site needed to look professional, but not imposing or faceless. We advised Arthur and his team to consider some new portrait photos – and the images taken by XXXX really work brilliantly with the site. They add the personal touch that is so important when it comes to this sector.

If you have plans to make for the future or any questions about pensions or investments, we recommend you book some time with Arthur.

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