The butterfly and the pig

Web design

The butterfly and the pig

Imagine tearing down a recent website and finding the original Victorian website underneath. Crazy as it sounds, that was pretty much the brief when we were contacted by The butterfly and the pig – Glasgow’s quirkiest restaurant.

The b and p is famed for its unusual approach to menu writing and its interiors – palaces to food bedecked with vintage bric-a-brac and old style glamour.

Marketing manager Marc Frossman needed a new website for the restaurant in Bath Street – and its sister venue in the Southside – that reflected this kind of vibe. Their existing site was functional enough but didn’t reflect the brand. Could we do better? Our designer Lee Vickers visited the restaurant several times, taking photos and taking in the atmosphere. The result is a ¬†delightfully off beat website totally in keeping with the venue. Lee created a series of GIFs — you need to wait to get the effect! – as well as a special wallpaper based on the wallpaper at the Bath Street restaurant. We hope the staff and clients of The butterfly and the pig love the site as much as we do.

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