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Company rebranding is often the most challenging thing you can do in business. Many will avoid doing it altogether: preferring to keep with an out of date logo and look rather than tackle the decision making mountain of agreeing a new one.

Allan and Kay Crockett, owners of Comply2, didn’t have this luxury. Their business had been known as P&R Services Glasgow. However, a change of relationship with their sister company meant that name had to be dropped.

The Crocketts approached Start Digital having already decided on a new name: Comply2. It is a simple, yet clever and descriptive name we were happy to work with. Comply2 specialises in electrical testing and fire risk assessment. Their core offer is that they make sure their clients are compliant with current legislation: Do you Comply2 legislation?

We worked with the company to create a new logo and brand guidelines for the business going forward – matching it with an overall marketing strategy they had drawn up with the help of another consultancy.

We broke the process down into understandable stages: agreeing the logo, the branding, web design. Our goal was to make the process manageable and understandable.

This culminated with a new website for the business: a site that explained their services clearly and acts as a first point of contact. It needed to be modern and fresh, mobile friendly – and able to stand the test of time.


Our senior designer Lee Vickers led the company rebranding exercise. We presented three options – delivering them at an agreed point in the process.

The favourite among these logo approaches was the idea of a double tick: and once this was agreed the completed logo was arrived at quite quickly.

A double tick – relating to a check list, a nod to WhatsApp, to the two in Comply2 – seemed to be a good fit.

We then completed designs for stationary, business cards and artwork for their fleet of vans. At the same time Laura Kinghorn started work on a web design.


The company is a family concern – but it has grown beyond being a family firm and includes many large UK companies amongst its clientele. We therefore needed to strike a balance between the friendly face of the company, and its corporate reach. This took a couple of iterations to get right – and the Crocketts and others in their Comply2 team were very patient with us as we worked on it.

The result is a smart, interesting site that really does the company justice. We used original photography throughout the site as much as possible, plus snippets of video and small amounts of animation where it added to the experience.

We’re very proud of the result and have enjoyed a great working relationship with the Comply2 team. With the site now live, it represents for us a great start to the new year.

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