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Rory Hutton

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Rory Hutton is an exciting, Glasgow-based designer of gentlemen’s socks, pocket squares and brilliant bow ties. His prints are just glorious: both original and fun; sophisticated and yet simple! Rory already had a Shopify website but had found it… lacking. So he asked us to give it a design refresh. Our intrepid designer Laura took up the challenge and went where no Start Digital designer had gone before. She delved into Shopify and came out a winner. View the site here!

“The new website represents my brand beautifully and creates the right first impression. Laura and Thomas took a lot of time to figure out exactly what I wanted and created the perfect showcase for my brand, the result is a website I love to show off!”

– Rory Hutton

shopify website desigh rory hutton

Theme: Jakiro

We opted to buy a theme for the site because it gave us options that would have taken a lot of time to create ourselves.

It did however demand some customization to get what we needed. Some of this we were able to do ourselves, but some things were done by the theme builder – who we were able to contact by email. 


 Rory had commissioned a lifestyle shoot to go with his new collection so we had some great material to work round:

 Simla pocket square. Here we took the original design file in Illustrator and brought it into After Effects. Here we turned it into a GIF which we embedded into the site.

Press page content. Sourced relevant logos and combined them with content provided by client. We created new images for each press post using InDesign.

Text overlay. Images with text on top had to be altered by adding an opaque overlay in Rory’s brand colour (French Navy) this allows the text to stand out against it.

Optimised images. It’s really important to optimise images for the web – this means reducing the file size so page loading times aren’t affected. Additionally, in Shopify image dimensions have to be changed to ensure that they fit into certain size blocks i.e 1200px by 600px block needs a 1200px by 600px image.


  • Shopify is quite limiting design wise. It pays to be patient with the theme and realise that it’s not going to be as customizable as you may want.
  • Takes a bit of time to get to grips with the theme language (back end) as it is somewhat different to that of WordPress CSS.


  • Shopify offers the opportunity to build a great basic ecommerce site without massive outlay
  • Once you get to grips with how the theme sections work and which parts you can edit it can be relatively quick to get everything set up
  • If you have an existing Shopify site and you add a new theme all your products, payment methods etc will all still be saved in the backend for you ready to be added to the front end of the new site.
  • Shopify themes are responsive; this means they work well on a variety of different screen sizes
  • There are plenty of Shopify help forums online if you should ever want to adapt a certain element by yourself

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