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Creating an app for smartphone and tablet doesn’t have to be overly complicated. There are different kinds of app, and one of the formats that isn’t so well known is the ‘magazine app’. This has limitations, but for many businesses it is actually an ideal way to publish digitally.

Document Scotland are a co-operative of four talented photographers dedicated to recording life in Scotland today. Start Digital first collaborated with them in 2013, creating Doc003. A collection of four photo essays featuring subjects as diverse as Tunnocks Tea Cakes, doocots and trawler men.

Ties That Bind was published in 2015 in conjunction with the quartet’s debut show at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. Many of the images from this critically acclaimed show are contained within Ties That Bind. Again there are four photo essays. This time on The Ridings, Scotland’s relationship with slavery, women farmers, and the love of lower league football.

An app for smartphone and tablet

Built with the Twixl publishing platform, Ties That Bind is available for iOS and Android, on smartphone and tablet. So what are the limitations? Well primarily, this system gives you a great content app. But it needs to be downloaded in complete form and stored on your device to access it. (You can of course delete and then reclaim it from the cloud at a later date).

This can cause issues – and the download itself can take a little time. However, bearing this in mind and keeping the overall size of the app low, can give you a highly effective app for relatively little outlay.

Twixl apps like this one are created using InDesign: which means we can focus on user experience and ensuring the app looks attractive. Its great for photography: but would also work well for more text based products. You might want to check out the work we did for ICS too.

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