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Alphabet Babies

Launching an online business can be tough. At Start Digital we understand that an online business needs a great design team behind them: to ensure that the website looks amazing and functions perfectly, and to guarantee that your online products are shown off in as effective a way as possible.

When Start Digital worked with online pre-school specialists Alphabet Babies, our task was to create memorable lesson plans and materials. Alphabet Babies sell colourful, clever learning packs for pre-school children. When they approached Start Digital, they were looking to refresh their existing material and expand their offerings to their clients.

Their content was evolving too with lesson plans for older children, as well as science focused lessons. And with the launch of a new website in the offing, Alphabet’s CEO, Alexis, explained she wanted designs that suited different age groups while maintaining the over all Alphabet Babies identity.

We worked closely with Alexis, creating graphics and illustrations to go along with her carefully crafted lessons – which feature an array of letter-inspired characters, from Ally the Alligator to Zelda the Zebra. We even designed promotional drink coasters, a video how to use guide for the new website, and promotional material.

Why an online business needs a great design team

If you are launching an online business here are a THREE POINTS to consider:

  1. Your customer. Sounds obvious right, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t fully understand their customer. Research who you are looking to work with so you know your product or service works for them.
  2. User experience is king. Online is a busy place and attention spans are making a gnat’s look pretty lengthy. When it comes to web design, try to reduce the steps people have to go through to ‘buy’. Then reduce them again.
  3. Keep your design clear and strong. In other words don’t overcrowd your pages with content. Give people what they want and an option to click for more!

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